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Cherry pickers

A vital piece of equipment when trying to prune and manage trees is a cherry picker or work platform. This is named after old lifts that were used to pick cherries from tall trees, but nowadays we have much larger machines that can safely reach even the tops of the tallest trees. This is a great help when undertaking professional pruning like pollarding, espaliering and pleaching, and particularly removing high-growing dead branches, diseased growth and dying sprouts from the main trunk.

An experienced tree surgeon is needed to know the difference between damage, disease, and health in various different kinds of trees. Once these have been removed, other branches might need to be taken down from the heights, as you don't want to be liable if an oversized branch splits off in a  high wind and lands one someone or their property. This is especialyl true of long branches sticking far out at a height as the tree tries to absorb as much sunlight as it can.

Tom O'Rourke has some of the most sophisticated and highest-reaching cherry pickers, tree lifts and tree elevators in the country, enabling him to take down, shape and remove the riskiest outlying growth from even the tallest trees.

Everybody loves trees but these gentle giants need to be treated with respect and care in order to secure the safety of people nearby.

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Thank you for the great job you have done.

I did not think that you would be able to create and complete a

lovely garden in such a short time and leave everywhere

so neat and tidy.

I am so delighted with my garden, thank you.

Marlene Kilgallon

At O'Rourke Landscaping in Mayo we offer a quality service with honesty and integrity.

Using the best materials & equipment for our Mayo tree surgery and landscaping we ensure that each project is completed to the highest standard and we have recently invested in new modern equipment and machinery to deal with even the most difficult tree surgery Mayo projects. We are fully insured for public and employer liability cover.

Our passion for all gardening, landscaping Mayo and Mayo tree surgery is evident in our ever expanding customer base across the West of Ireland, including Castlbar, Westport and Claremorris.