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Uses of Mulch


Mulches are used for various agricultural and gardening purposes. They are applied on the surface of the soil and perform multiple functions, such as providing practical conservation of soil and water, protection of plants and in providing an attractive aesthetic landscaping effect.

Properly used, they benefit plant growth and minimize garden labour. The main functions of mulches are the conservation of soil moisture, the prevention of soil degradation and the moderation of soil temperature

Mulch Works All Year Long

During spring and autumn, mulches moderate internal soil temperatures by retaining heat from the day and radiating it to the soil at night.
In the winter, mulches moderate soil waming during the day, limiting the stress plants undergo during soil freezing and thawing cycles. They also are used to prevent frost damage of unestablished plants

During summer months, they keep soil cool by blocking direct sunlight exposure of the soil surface.

Mulches also help control the growth of weeds, blocking sunlight and smothering weed seedlings under layers of material. Mulch reflects sunlight back from the ground to the leaves of plants. They also provide a clean and dry surface for ground-lying fruits

They prevent soil erosion from heavy rains, prevent surface run-off of water, and prevent the direct impact of hard rains on the soil surface. Some mulches improve soil texture, adding humus. Organic mulches may add nutrients to the soil as they break down. Biodegradable mulches as they decay, are incorporated into the soil where they provide air spaces and surfaces for fungal and root growth.

While mulching may improve the growth of various plants by directly manipulating the plant's environmnet, mulch can also improve growth as an effective means of pest control

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Thomas O’Rourke landscaped our garden earlier this year and built us a fabulous garden room. His vision was perfect. He has a wide range of machinery which helped Tom and his team access our back garden and work quickly. He cleaned down our house gable. Painted all our walls. Sourced fabulous doors for our new garden room. Sourced a beautiful Japanese maple tree, designed all our raised flower beds, a unique stone, bog oak and a lovely water fountain feature. He is continuing to tend to our lawn to help the greener grass grow. It looks healthier after every treatment. We could not be any happier with our garden. He is very professional. Our garden room is multifunctional. Thomas is a gentleman to deal with and we highly recommend him.

Niamh & Eamon O’Brien

At O'Rourke Landscaping in Mayo we offer a quality service with honesty and integrity.

Using the best materials & equipment for our Mayo tree surgery and landscaping we ensure that each project is completed to the highest standard and we have recently invested in new modern equipment and machinery to deal with even the most difficult tree surgery Mayo projects. We are fully insured for public and employer liability cover.

Our passion for all gardening, landscaping Mayo and Mayo tree surgery is evident in our ever expanding customer base across the West of Ireland, including Castlbar, Westport and Claremorris.