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Tree Safety

A dangerous tree in Mayo is one that is likely to cause serious damage to property or injury to people. Many trees become unstable when entering the later stages of disease - though perfectly healthy, young trees also can become a danger if damaged by severe weather.

If a tree is overhanging a road or building, don't hesitate in seeking the advice of a professional tree surgeon or arboricultirist. Most commonly the tree will not have to be removed in its entirety - just the limbs causing the potential danger.

Look for places on the tree's trunk where there is no bark. This can indicate a dead section or a fungus attack. Tree surgery Mayo may be needed.

One of the most obvious tree dangers is dead wood that can fall. You can spot dead wood easily : dead branches have leaves that are completely brown or there won't be any leaves at all.

If you identify a dangerous tree owned by someone other than yourself, express your concern to them and encourage them to take action immediately.


Deadwooding: Very often Mayo tree surgeons are employed for the removal of minor and major deadwood. This is a particularly dangerous operation, with dead branches overhanging roads or pathways and posing high risk to people/property

Crown Reduction

Crown reduction is normally required when a tree has grown too large for its permitted space. A long term, often favourable solution, is to remove the tree completely and replant. If crown reduction is necessary, it is often required when a tree or part of a tree is touching or very close to a building.

Crown reduction should be considered in order to achieve an overall reduction in the volume of a tree. Work usually involves a general shortening of minor branches. Generally 20% is the maximum that can be taken from the crown.

Tree Felling and Safe Tree Surgery

Tree felling is a skilled and potentially hazardous operation that should be undertaken only by a competent tree surgeon or tree surgery company. If there is non significant risk of damage to people or property a tree can be felled in one piece.

Where there are restrictions, e.g. lack of space, building, roads, other features, land ownership or use, or other shrubs or trees in Mayo which are to be retained, tree surgeons will dismantle a tree in sections (sectional felling). Tree surgeons will often set up rigging systems or use hoists in restricted areas to prevent branches and pieces of wood from falling freely or pose a risk to surrounding property.

Stump Removal

With Stump removal we use purpose built stump grinding hardware machinery which neatly removes the eyesore of a tree stump from your lawn or surrounding grounds.

The advantage of grinding machinery to large diggers is less potential damage to your lawn, easy access to small, hard to reach areas and a significant cost savings to homeowners and businesses alike.

In the final stages of stump removal, the tree stump is gradually turned into a pile of wood chip. At that point, the only visible sign of the remaining stump is the wood chip, which can be taken away or retained by the homeowner for use as mulch.

The very final step is to cut through the tree roots around the footprint of the stump.

Formative Pruning

This is when young trees are "trained" to grow in a particular way. Trees can become prone to wind and snow damage as they mature to a lack of structual training. Your tree surgeon Mayo can often help in providing this structural or formative pruning.

Crown Thinning

Crown thinning is used for specific purposes such as to let in additional light through the canopy or reducing the height.

When crown thinning, a tree surgeon should try to keep an even density of foliage and branches should be balanced. Ideally, no more than one third of the leaf-bearing area should be removed in crown thinning and branches and foliage should be kept as even as possible.

It is often necessary to remove weak, defective, hazardous and/or crossing branches so care should be taken to retain a balanced look of the tree.

Shrub Pruning & Thinning

It is important to keep shrubs and other plants in the garden in good condition with regular pruning and trimming. This will improve the plant's shape and encourage flowers and fruits. However, pruning must be done with care to avoid damage
Hedge Pruning & Shaping

Most formal deciduous hedges will need reshaping at least twice a season. Usually, pruning when the plants are at the desired height and then later in the year.


Tom O' Rourke Landscaping did a fantastic job on removing trees that were a danger to the public road, the building and overhead telephone and electric cables. The site was on a public road with tight access.

Tom organised for the power to be turned off with the ESB, so the job could be carried out. The trees were cut into firewood and the site left clean and tidy, using his specialist equipment.

I can not thank Tom enough for his effiency and workmanship. All this work was carried out whilst I was in the UK. However, Tom kept me informed of the progress daily and included photographs of the works.


At O'Rourke Landscaping in Mayo we offer a quality service with honesty and integrity.

Using the best materials & equipment for our Mayo tree surgery and landscaping we ensure that each project is completed to the highest standard and we have recently invested in new modern equipment and machinery to deal with even the most difficult tree surgery Mayo projects. We are fully insured for public and employer liability cover.

Our passion for all gardening, landscaping Mayo and Mayo tree surgery is evident in our ever expanding customer base across the West of Ireland, including Castlbar, Westport and Claremorris.