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Tree felling

Cutting down trees or tree felling is a dangerous activity but unfortunately neccessary when trees die, get sick, or their growth starts to present a problem, such as encroachment on other peoples' property or other issues. Tom O'Rourke is one of the few tree surgeons with a 100% safety record through two decades, fully licensed and certified, and with the very latest modern machinery and technologies for safe, quick and complete tree felling.

Tree felling MayoVarious kinds of tree felling need a license to be undertaken, such as those further than ten meters from a public road, outside of thirty meters from a building - not a wall or temporary structure - as long as it was built before the tree was planted. There are various other regulations for tree felling near hedgerows, trees with a preservation order on them, and by tree size, diameter, volume and purpose. Protected structures have yet more regulations governing tree felling near them, as do protected habitats and the surrounding environment.

So it's better by far, both for safety and so that the various laws aren't infringed, to get a professional and licensed tree surgeon and feller like Tom O' Rourke to take down your trees. This involves things like controlled felling direction, pre-pruning, choosing the right cutting approach, knowing whether or not a tree is dead or diseased before felling, and using the right tools for the job. This could mean different kinds of wedges, saws, heavy plant and binding to control the fall.

Tom is the man you can rely on to get your trees felled the right way, and to dispose of lumber, chips, and wooden debris in an ecologically sound manner afterwards, so give him a buzz today to see what he can do for you!

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Tom O' Rourke Landscaping did a fantastic job on removing trees that were a danger to the public road, the building and overhead telephone and electric cables. The site was on a public road with tight access.

Tom organised for the power to be turned off with the ESB, so the job could be carried out. The trees were cut into firewood and the site left clean and tidy, using his specialist equipment.

I can not thank Tom enough for his effiency and workmanship. All this work was carried out whilst I was in the UK. However, Tom kept me informed of the progress daily and included photographs of the works.


At O'Rourke Landscaping in Mayo we offer a quality service with honesty and integrity.

Using the best materials & equipment for our Mayo tree surgery and landscaping we ensure that each project is completed to the highest standard and we have recently invested in new modern equipment and machinery to deal with even the most difficult tree surgery Mayo projects. We are fully insured for public and employer liability cover.

Our passion for all gardening, landscaping Mayo and Mayo tree surgery is evident in our ever expanding customer base across the West of Ireland, including Castlbar, Westport and Claremorris.